Thank you for a great music video, my daughters loved taking part, especially after being at home so long.  They loved every minute of it and couldn't stop talking about it. You are both really creative, what a lovely memory of 2020. 

I must say that only having 2 lessons before Lockdown, I couldn't believe how easy and enjoyable you made the classes.  Thank you for making Lockdown bearable, my daughter ended up doing 3 classes each week and loved Contemporary which I never thought she would. You guys really work hard and manage to smile all the way through. Great role models for the children. Thank you. x

Thank you Gaby & Jasmine, for keeping us sane through Lockdown. Classes were great as well as the t-shirts and had a tear watching the end of Lockdown Show. Well done x

RedX has been amazing for both my daughter's. I have seen an enormous confidence boost in them both and they have made some great friends along the way. Both the girls, Gaby and Jasmine, work so hard to make sure all the Children are the best they can be. The shows are always amazing and all the extra activities they put on are great. I would never choose another dance school as RedX just has everything you could want. Passion determination and Fun make a great mix and my girls both love RedX.

RedX Dance!! Well what can I say, absolutely amazing!! My daughter went to another dance group and didn't get on there at all so I decided to get hold of RedX to see if she could try and never looked back. Teachers are so welcoming and care about each and every child, my son has now joined who’s very shy and has no confidence, since joining he has got up and danced in festivals and shows, has joined competition group and I’ve never been more proud. I have RedX Dance to thank for bringing him out his shell :) Gaby and Jasmine are amazing, they love what they do and you couldn't ask for anything else, RedX Dance is the place to be. 

Red X dance has done wonders for my daughter's self confidence. The classes are high energy, full of fun, and my daughter looks forward to them every week. Never did I think I would see my shy little girl (aged 7) performing on stage, but Gaby and Jasmine have inspired and encouraged her so much, and she is benefitting massively from attending this class. We are looking forward to the next couple of shows. Thanks Gaby and Jasmine so much for making our little girl so happy and us such proud parents. :)

My daughter and two friends joined RedX a year ago. Gaby, Jasmine are very friendly, supportive and encouraging. The girls started off with open classes and soon joined one of the competition teams. My daughter loves coming to RedX where she has learnt many styles and technical dance. This has improved her confidence and her performance. Thanks RedX

My son goes to RedX Dance and the change in his self-confidence has been fantastic. He is not at all concerned about dancing in front of 200+ people. A year ago he wouldn’t even dance in front of me. This new found confidence is all down to fantastic teachers at RedX. My son also really enjoys the fact that he can go to a boys only dance group.

This is a fantastic dance school! I have two children that attend separate classes and they both thoroughly enjoy it. I love how Gaby & Jasmine value and praise each child after every class and performance for their efforts, making them feel good. As a parent I love the displays that they do and the winter and summer shows are amazing. I hope you are prepared to watch my two grow as they never want to leave! Thanks ladies you are fab! 

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