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We've come a long way since our first dance class, as a family run business, it's good to know your roots. To see if it runs in the family!

So it was quiet interesting when a close relative recently did some research on our family tree and found her was able to go back to the 14th century. Although originating from Sicily our family history goes back to Norman times. With Sicily being invaded by most Countries, over the years so we definitely are a mixed bag including British!!

One of the things that interested us the most was the fact that we had been able to trace our ancestry back to 1351 where it was discovered that we had a family Coat of Arms, which was used by knights on their banners and flags and during tournaments.

The motto was a thought expressed in a few words alluding to an obvious or hidden sentiment, to a quality, to a historical memory as a stimulus to courage or honour. It was chosen by the head of the family, by the knight entering the contest or given by the sovereign to his own loyal man.

So, what a great way to celebrate our 10 years of RedX Dance by including our family motto:

'Bene Docet' - "Good teaches"


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